Summer garden tips & tour – keep your lavender and roses looking good!

Gardening Tips
How to keep your lavender and roses looking their best, plus what to do when a variegated leaf goes green, are your flowers distorting and can you ever beat bindweed?

00:00 Welcome
00:59 Description of the Middlesized Garden and why it is approximately a USDA hardiness Zone 9
01:28 The lavender is Hidcote, possibly ‘Hidcote Giant’
01:35 The tall white spires are Acanthus Mollis ‘Rue Ledan’ (the white dog is Lottie!)
1:50 Weeding – why there’s no such thing as a ‘weed-free garden’.
02:08 The No-Nonsense Guide to Weeding: Win the Weeding Battle video:
03:20 What to do about bindweed
03:52 Treat weeding as a meditation?
04:07 Tips on growing and trimming lavender
05:34 How to Prune English lavender beautifully:
06:13 Tips for growing roses
06:38 The scarlet flowers are Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ and the pink roses are ‘Gaujard’
06:57 The white roses are ‘Little Pet’
08:11 What is fasciation and what to do about it?
09:25 Tweaking and tidying the main border
09:56 What to do if your variegated leaves go back to being all green
10:30 Why buying and planting a young tree is better than buying a mature one
11:22 Why we haven’t mown the lawn

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