A Mid-Summer Garden Tour

Flower Garden
Enjoy this video which will give you an update on how all the plants are doing in the landscape at Laura and Aaron’s home. Be sure to grab paper and a pencil, you will want to write down your favorites so you can plant them yourself next summer!

To purchase the plants shown in this video please visit the links below.

Bright Lights White African Daisy : https://pwwin.rs/3pH5aSK
Superbena Peachy Keen : https://pwwin.rs/322uFUb
Supertunia Mulberry Charm : https://pwwin.rs/35x29Lx
Supertunia Royal Velvet : https://pwwin.rs/37zYCyF
Supertunia Sharon Double Petunia : https://pwwin.rs/36HvN0W
Cat’s Pajamas’ Catmint https://pwwin.rs/3f3VEE1
Sprinter Boxwood : https://pwwin.rs/2DYHrdg
A great substitute for Pink Wonder is Whirlwind Pink Scaevola : https://pwwin.rs/3lLHHgw
Superbells Strawberry Punch : https://pwwin.rs/2UrwqWO
Rainbow Rhythm ‘Going Bananas’ Daylily : https://pwwin.rs/38Jj8NE
Color Spires ‘Indigo Girl’ Perennial Salvia : https://pwwin.rs/2HpcBMR
Rockin’ Playin’ the Blues : https://pwwin.rs/2UsHTFs
Suncredible Yellow Sunflower : https://pwwin.rs/2Gjy0GK
Miss Violet’ Butterfly bush : https://pwwin.rs/3lBBVy5
A great substitute for Rosa Oso Easy Peachy Cream is Oso Easy Italian Ice Rosa : https://pwwin.rs/3noFAji
Graceful Grasses Purple Fountain Grass : https://pwwin.rs/34qAJaT
Angelface Perfectly Pink Summer Snapdragon : https://pwwin.rs/2Ur9jMa
‘Serendipity’ Ornamental Onion : https://pwwin.rs/34N1hDg
Magic Show ‘Wizard of Ahhs’ Spike Speedwell : https://pwwin.rs/35yfOTF
Snowstorm Snow Globe Bacopa : https://pwwin.rs/38HxvCl
Caladium Heart to Heart Chinook : https://pwwin.rs/32ICgHS
Proven Accents Glacier Ivy : https://pwwin.rs/3kwPL3C
Fire Light Panicle Hydrangea : https://pwwin.rs/3lFtrWY
Truffula Pink Globe Amaranth : https://pwwin.rs/3kIZapn
Angelface Cascade White : https://pwwin.rs/2UwLkel
Angelface Super White Summer Snapdragon : https://pwwin.rs/35zpQE2

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